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Welcome to the World's Fastest Bagger site!
Welcome to the World's Fastest Bagger site!
Welcome to the World's Fastest Bagger site! Gallery
2011 Marks the Sixth Year of the
World's Fastest Bagger Competition!

The WFB award is now in its sixth year. It was originally created following Klock Werks' 2006 Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off efforts. Klock Werks was the first to build a bagger for the competition, and after using a high performance S&S 124" motor in their build, decided to race the bike on the salt immediately after winning the build off competition. Our bike became known as the original "World's Fastest Bagger" after pilot Laura Klock set records in 2006, 2007 and 2008, ultimately reaching speeds of 161 mph. Klock Werks was hoping for more of this style bike to come compete at the salt, so decided to offer a traveling trophy award and invite others to come out. Our hope was to promote better performance products for these types of bikes. Klock Werks own original, patented FLARE Windshield was born from racing on the the salt flats!

The award is presented to the fastest one way pass documented by the stewards time slip at the BUB Speed Trials, a motorcycle only event held in September each year.

The history of Bonneville as one of legends in the speed world is a fitting place for bikes of all kinds. It is with the recent custom Bagger trend that the attention has focused on taking something not necessarily the most aerodynamic and pushing the limits of speed and stability on what has been tagged "the great white dyno".

The 7 mile salt course requires the bikes to be held at top speed for almost 2 miles to get the one mile average to equal out. "Much talk surrounds the title but this is where it started and will continue to be the original", said Laura Klock, "all of the entrants are to be commended on their efforts as its never as easy as one might think. We may look at going to a Pro Class and an Amatuer or Stock class next year. We will be taking any input from everyone in bagger industry, so give us your input. There have been ideas such as a power tour type of setting that would require a ride and then race class as well. Bonneville is certainly the mecca of speed and we would encourage anyone to come out to experience it in any way they can.B etter parts, better motorcycles and the BEST camaraderie are always products of Bonneville."

You don't have to set a record to win the World's Fastest Bagger title. Klock Werks set it up so that your fastest one way pass is what gets entered. The salt is an amazing creation and the track and conditions can vary hour to hour so any speed can potentially win any year. The speeds were below the 150 mph mark until the final two days this season.

More information on all the sponsors and the award can be found at,, and of course

2006, 2007, 2008 - Laura Klock/Team Klock Werks held the title.

2009 - Chris Rivas takes the title with a one way pass of 166 MPH. The T-Man team finished second to the team from Rivas VTwin in the 2009 Season with a top speed of 158 mph

2010 - World's Fastest Bagger title owned by T-Man Performance at 183 MPH!

2011 - Chris Rivas V-Twin wins again.

Read more about his efforts and the WFB competition at:

Other competitors for 2011 included:

Sam Wills, Racing Innovations

46654_463010518108_193770678108_6465665_1975176_n.jpg58341_463010603108_193770678108_6465667_962878_n.jpgRacing Innovations (4).JPG

Taken from Sam's facebook site: "Even with the streamlining that is a lot of frontal area to push through the wind. It isn't easy to push a dresser through the air at speed! Great looking bike - congrats Sam on your first outing with the bike" ...

"Leaving for a run - 16 full throttle passes on boost without any engine problems. Unfortunately traction issues kept him from getting all the power (260HP/280TQ) to the salt and kept speeds in the 160 mph area. Sam isn't done yet - keep an eye out for more from this project"

SCTA Record 158.766, Texas Mile fastest pass 168.9! Great Job Sam!

Merci Stephen, Toxic Cycles, Canada
bonneville 2011 180.jpg
In an email from Merci: "...2003 HD Road Glide - the bike has a stock frame and front end stock rake even the radio, the tranny is stock. The motor is a 100ci twin cam 4 inch bore 4 inch stroke with 8 inch rod, the head are hd, j precision with my spec, cams toxic, the blower is a rotrex the drive toxic, exhaust toxic, intake toxic the injector are 1600cc, air box and piping and intercooler are toxic. The bags are oem ..."

Kevin Edgemon
Kevin has entered the WFB Competition more than once, and really represents how it all started. The bike he races, he rides on the street. Thanks for Rockin' the FLARE Windshield Kevin!

YOU can enter your bagger in the competition for 2012. Find out more about the rules at and send us an email if you'd like to give some input about the competition.

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